Wire mesh - welded nets or BRC

This net is made from hard simple or crimped industrial wires which are welded on top of one another in sheets with various dimensions and hole sizes. Welded nets also known as mesh nets are mainly used in construction and flooring and also inside concrete which is one of the most popular methods in construction and big projects. It is also used as the reinforcing agent for foundation concrete, walls, bridges, roads, etc.

Fard Shahin Industrial Company is one of the biggest producers of wire mesh in the world that can produce 29000 tons of high quality mesh annually. We have also been exporting our products to neighboring countries.

Today, thin steel mesh nets (between 2 and 4 mm) is used in the production of 3D panels. Also steel mesh nets are commonly used in producing pallets, protection fencing, various shelves as well as in chicken farm fencing, grassland fencing and decorative birds cages.

  • Wire mesh

Technical specifications:

  • wire type: solid industrial A2 or crimped A3 based on costumer’s demand, it can also be ordered galvanized
  • wire diameter: 4 to 12 mm
  • hole size: 5 to 25 cm
  • width: 100 to 25 cm
  • length: 200 to 900 cm

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