PVC coated chain link fence

PVC is a type of highly used plastic which is among the most valuable petrochemical products.

Galvanized steel with PVC coating is also used in different climates and particularly in areas where beauty is a concern. This product’s price is approximately 20% higher than only galvanized. The use of this product is mainly in industrial areas with acid rain as well as areas where beauty of the mesh and net is a concern.

Another feature of PVC coated chain link fence is the option of color choice. Also PVC colors have a high quality and do not change in long run in different environments. Our PVC coated chain link fence and Meshes are very popular in Emirates, Iraq and Central Asia

PVC coated chain link fence hole size is determined in cm and when we say hole size 5, it means hole diameter is 5 cm. PVC was accidentally mixed and created in 1872 by a German chemist named Eugen Baumann. Chemically, PVS is resistant against acid, salt, grease and alcohol making it sewage resistant and therefore highly used in sewage piping systems.

Technical specifications:

  • Central wire diameter: 2 to 2.8 mm (±05/0 fault possible)
  • Coating thickness is around 1 to 1.1 mm
  • Holes: 2.5 to 7.5 cm (±05/0 fault possible)
  • Width (height): from 1 to 4 meters
  • Roll length: between 10 and 20 meters (Default 20 meters)
  • PVC coated chain link fence

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