Hexagonal Wire

Hexagonal wire fence is a type of fencing net that has six edges called holes. Hexagonal wire fence is quite similar to Gabion but only different in wire size (lighter) and the number of twists (more)

This type of fence is quite strong and durable and resistant and can be used in chicken farming, garden fencing, lands, yards and in some cases in agricultural industries. Having a high quality and a reasonable price have made Hexagonal wire fence a popular choice of fencing.

Hexagonal wire fence has many applications one of which is fencing. It can also be used in protection against falls in construction sites, sculpture, industrial warehouse ceilings, sports centers and agricultural lands.

Technical Specifications:

  • This product like Gabion has 6 edges and their edges are connected together via 6 twists or 3 twists, but in this company, they are only offered with 6 twists
  • Wire size: 1.5 to 2 mm
  • Length of each roll is 20 meters
  • Height is 1 to 3 meters

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