Gabion or stone filled basket

Gabion is derived from Italian language meaning large cage. It is also known as stone filled basket. It is a welded wire basket or box filled with materials such as stone used for various civil purposes. Gabion is made from 3 consecutive woven twist of wires.

Also gabion baskets can be placed next to one another and shape big structures. Given that gabion is multi-purpose, it needs to be investigated and calculated in terms of behavior, flexibility, strength, design and prior to use.

Economically, gabion is more low-priced than similar structures. Gabion baskets are mainly used in construction of dam, watershed management, road building, retaining walls, waterway bed as well as fencing and protection.

One of the earliest applications of gabion was for military purposes where huge baskets were made and filled with stone and mud and used as trench warfare for safety. This is still a common means especially in rice fields in north of Iran.

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